Friday, October 1, 2010

Denholms in The Department Store Museum!

Here is a link to a wonderful blog that was started to highlight the various department stores that existed in the United States.  It's a great way to "tour the stores" as they were, and view the various imagery consisting of old shopping bags and store photo's.


  1. Are you aware of the excellant posts about Denholms in T&G's "Gone But Not Forgotten?"

  2. Yes I am. I check them daily. I loved your posts that you wrote. It is so great for me to hear the stories about the store and all of the people who worked at Denholms. My grandmother used to talk about them all of the time. I remember her calling Dorothy Eagan "Dot" Eagan.

  3. Oh my goodness. My grandmother worked in Denholm's as well. She died at 90 years of age in 1967! I have gloves that are still in the original packaging that I believe came from that store.. Wow...what a fun site!

  4. Great update at the museum!!!!
    Oh, I love to those retro memory years that is:-)
    These stores all had such and each was sooo unique!!

    All my best...Charles:-)

  5. Very fascinating, thanks for sharing it. =)
    I think it's an awesome experience to see how in-store signage looks like in those years. Sounds interesting compared in nowadays advertising technology.