Saturday, July 24, 2010

Denholms Directory

When the Denholm building was being renovated in 1985 (into offices). I was able to go in and take whatever memorabilia I wanted.  There was not too much there, as the building had been stripped in preparation for the massive remodel that was taking place.  I was able to get the old directory from the third floor bank of elevators.  Below is how the store was layed out and the various departments within it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Post Office unveiling at the Denholm Building

On Tuesday July6th there was an official "Unveiling" of the new window display at the Denholm building.  I cannot even teel you how great it was.  My mother attended as well as Pat and Heidi Wolf.  The two are Mr Harry Wolfs ( the former president of Denholms) daughters.  Even though it was 100 degrees that day, the heat didn't even matter...I was with a wonderful group of people.  Each of us here were awarded a framed collection of stamps which are being featured in the window, as well as a retro photo of Denholms.

Shown from left to right are , Troy Siebels of the Hanover Theater, Assistant City Manager Julie Jacobson, Worcester Postmaster Dan O'Neil, Creative Designer Christopher Sawyer, Congressman Jim McGovern, Worcester Community Action Council Executive Director Jill Dagilis, and Greater Boston District Grow Global  and Team Member Dawn Doucet 
Photos by Paul Bresnahan  Worcester MA

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Denholm building Post Office window

The empty window before

I spent the early part of this week working at the Denholm building.  As an ongoing effort to bring back the dignity to this building. 6 of the 10 window spaces have been updated (4 more to go).  This trip was to install a window in the vacant space housed by the US Post Office.  Working with Jill Dagilis (amazing woman) and the US Post office (thanks Joanne).  We collaborated on a design I did, and then got the materials and lighting to re vamp the empty window space.  The display consists of 8 stamp designs chosen by the Post Office and an envelope sculpture (500 total), all amidst a blue sky backdrop.  An official "unveiling" will be taking place on Tuesday of this week.

The present space during the 1950's

The completed window