Monday, November 7, 2011

The Denholms book has arrived!

Book Cover
As I have said in previous posts, this book has been a labor of love.  It has been such a pleasure and an honor to speak with the many individuals who contacted me, and hear their stories about shopping at Denholms.  The book contains the history of the company from its incarnation in 1871 to the untimely closing in 1973, as well as personal recollections from the former presidents daughter Pat Wolf.  With over 50 images (many of which have not been seen in over 40 years) the book is a visual delight which is sure to conjure up your own memories!
I hope you all enjoy what what a very special experience for me.

When William Denholm and William McKay teamed up in 1870 to form a dry goods store in the factory town of Worcester, Massachusetts, they couldn’t have imagined the 103-year legacy that would make their store a beloved New England landmark. Former customers may well recall the store’s elaborate promotions that took shoppers to exotic locales, from an African holiday to a trip through the Italian fashion world. Join authors Christopher Sawyer and Patricia Wolf, daughter of a former Denholms president, as they take a behind-the-scenes view of the history and memory of Massachusetts largest department store outside of Boston. With vivid descriptions of the festive holiday displays and personal recollections from former employees, this book is sure to make any reader nostalgic for the bygone days of shopping at Denholms.-History Press

To obtain your copy please click on the History Press link-https://www.historypress.netTo order through use this link.


  1. Yippppeeeeee!!!! You did it!!!! Well Done!!!!!!


  2. This is such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother! Bravo to you! I am interested in knowing if there are any papers/records of employees before 1912. I believe my Grand Uncle was an Elevator Boy. Want to know if there is any archives with this type of information.