Saturday, December 1, 2012

Denholms holiday windows

This week the Denholm Building received a holiday touch to update the present windows.  As part of the downtown initiative to get retailers and other businesses to beautify their buildings, a contest was set up named "Let There Be Light".  I think it is such a great idea to help foster a brighter appearance to the landscape of the central core of Worcester.  The general public is available to vote for the best holiday windows, within a few themes.

Voting will begin with paper ballots available at each location.  For the Denholm building the ballots are on the first floor at the Post office entrance.
Ballots are also available at the main location of city hall.  You can also go to and cast a vote there after December 1st.

Regardless of the winners, it is so nice to see people interested in Downtown.

Here are the windows and a brief movie of the Denholm installation.


  1. Beautiful as always! I will be sure to cast my vote asap! Kathy

  2. Wonderful!!!!!!!! So festive!!!!