Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Blizzard of 1961 in downtown Worcester

   With all of the snow we have received lately I wanted to take everyone back to an early snowstorm in Worcester's history. The Blizzard of 1961 took place on Sunday December 24th and dropped over two feet of new snow on top of an existing snow pack.

  The photo above was taken in front of the former Filene's department store on Main Street looking North. The lights of Denholms Christmas tree are still twinkling in the snow filed street.
  Here is another view of Denholms taken on the West side artery near the parking deck.  In the background you can see the former YWCA, as well as St.Paul's cathedral, and the girls trade school on the right.
   I want to thank a very kind gentleman who gave me these pictures when I was at the Denholm building last year.


  1. These are two great photos of Denholm's and Downtown. Where did they come from and would the owners be interested in sharing them with the Worcester Historical Museum?

    1. These were given to me by a gentleman who works in the building. There are no names written on them from the photographer I believe? Are you with the Worcester Historical Museum?
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Great Pictures. I was born 5 days after these pictures were taken and my parents always said it was a very snowy time.