Sunday, August 4, 2013

Retro Charge Cards

Today many of us carry around a host of charge cards which fill up our wallets.  The cards nowadays are 2"x 3 1/2" plastic cards which all of us are familiar with.  Before the early 1970's charge cards were small metal cards which employees would insert into a charge press with carbon paper to make an imprint.  In today's post I have a few examples of old Denholms charges along with the respective case for carrying them.  Do you remember these?

And when the billing time came due, you probably received one of these in the mail. 


  1. I remember these so well! Seeing them brought back such memories. I wish I still had one. I'd better look around the house and if I's yours!!

  2. I remember it too! didn't realize it was to do with a charge!! Speaking of charges. There is a Hires root beer coupon offered by Denholm and McKay on Etsy. Just search for " Antique Hires root beer coupon"

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I will look for it. Much appreciated.

  3. I still have my mother's charge card and serveral of the old bills. The prices make me laugh.

  4. I remember those and the credit card tube at Ware Pratt.