Sunday, August 30, 2015

Updated windows at the Denholm Building

This week I was able to get away from my full time job to spend a little time at the Denholm Building to update their windows.  It had been a year since I had been there last, so it was in desperate need for an update.  Very little money was spent on these windows, and I like the challenge of having to work with everyday items.  I usually choose paper as my medium, as it is inexpensive and comes in a lot of variety such as cups, envelopes, 8 x 10 sheets etc...
    I would hope that other retailers, or owners of vacant store fronts would try to put their best foot forward to create a better street-scape for the Downtown area.... It deserves it.

The is a window for the Worcester Community Action Council which is celebrating it's 50th anniversary.  The material here is journal rolls from registers swagged in various formations to create a drape like effect as the back drop.  The copy strip at the bottom is also made from seamless paper-curled and folded.
This window was created for Dress for Success and it comprised of 500 sheets of gold paper twisted and curled into different formations to create this large scale organic structure to play off the mannequins leopard scarf.  
Here is a close up detail of the varied shapes.  A chicken wire structure was used to affix the paper too.
The last window is to highlight vacant space for rent in the building.  In order to fill the space I strung 400 paper circles onto back yarn and spaced them so it resembles bubbling water.  Gels on the lights highlight the red circles.  This is a temporary install as I have to get back in to complete it once some of piping is corrected under the floors.

I always look forward to my time spent in Worcester at my favorite building.  I only hope that others appreciate a decorated window as much as I do.


  1. These window displays are amazing, per usual, Christopher! Caitlyn just had her photos taken for the No Evil project. You'll have to look for her. Hope all is well. -Diana

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