Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Denholms book

Denholms in 1968. From the collection of the Worcester Historical Museum
I have never written anything in a lengthy form especially a short book since I was in school.  I must say, the process has been an amazing labor of love.  I have been able to speak with so many former associates and relatives of the Denholms management team, and hear their stories firsthand about their time spent at Denholms.  What amazed me is how much everyone still cares for a store that closed long ago.  The book has exposed me to a group of people that I am so honored to have the chance to reminisce with.  Presently I am in the process of finishing up my portion of the book which covers the stores history from 1871 till its closing in 1974.  All of the imagery has been collected and sorted, and the art department of the History Press (publishers of the book) are in the process of designing the front and back cover....very exciting!  The book is slated for release in November 2011 just in time for the holiday season.   I look forward to being able to share the history of this once grand store with all of you, and I hope that it conjures up your own memories of your shopping experience at Denholms!