Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Denholms Book

The book is done being written and everything has been submitted in.  It was such a great process to finally be able to highlight this once great store.  In the coming weeks I will be posting a link to the website to order the book directly. The book begins with a history of the company starting with its opening in 1871 on Main and Mechanics street, and follows with its move to 484 main street.  The facade change, Escal-Aires, visits with Santa, fashion shows and the overall modernization of the building are all covered in a behind the scenes look at the rise and fall of the Denholm and McKay Company.   In a special memoirs section, Pat Wolf (the former Presidents daughter) recounts her memories at Denholms during the stores golden years.
I hope that everyone enjoys this nostalgic trip back in time and is able to relive your days at Denholms!

    Denholm and McKay Company 1945
Denholm and McKay 1951