Sunday, June 6, 2010

Downtown Main Street

Here is a view of what Downtown Worcester used to look like during the mid 60's.   You see Denholms, and Kresge's, as well as the various that buildings that stood before the present day Glass high rise.


  1. Although it may be hard to imagine, Worcester once had a vibrant downtown. There were a number of independent stores like Denholm & McKay located there. It was a lively place, the opposite of what you'll find today.

    It's unfortunate that like so many cities, Worcester's shopping district fell victim to "mall" fever. Malls, those sprawling suburban arcades with free parking, frighteningly homogenized offerings and year round climate control, certainly won the hearts of shoppers.

    The people of Worcester should rally behind Chris Sawyer in his effort to restore the Denholms building. Perhaps in time, downtown could become a place to go, rather than a place to shun.

  2. Hello, and thank you for the link to "The Department Store Museum." I will be placing a link to your site on the Museum site in due course.

    I would like to construct an exhibit about Denholm's in the "Museum," but I do not have a lot of information about the store. Typically, I would have to wait until the Worcester newspapers are scanned and available on line, until I could glean enough information to make the exhibit myself. I had not heard of Denholm's so it was not on my old list of America's great stores, which I compiled in the 70s and forms the basis of the Museum. From what you show, it should have been.

    If you would like to work together to produce an exhibit in the Museum, which would include photos, a brief history, and a directory of the store's departmental names, I would certainly be delighted to cooperate.

    Until then, though, thank you for keeping the memory of an obviously-loved institution alive.


  3. Hi Bruce. Yes, I would love to give you all of the information on Denholms. How can I send it to you? I also have old photos I can send along with the detailed history of the company. Do you have an email I should send it to? Great Blog, Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!!

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