Thursday, July 1, 2010

Denholm building Post Office window

The empty window before

I spent the early part of this week working at the Denholm building.  As an ongoing effort to bring back the dignity to this building. 6 of the 10 window spaces have been updated (4 more to go).  This trip was to install a window in the vacant space housed by the US Post Office.  Working with Jill Dagilis (amazing woman) and the US Post office (thanks Joanne).  We collaborated on a design I did, and then got the materials and lighting to re vamp the empty window space.  The display consists of 8 stamp designs chosen by the Post Office and an envelope sculpture (500 total), all amidst a blue sky backdrop.  An official "unveiling" will be taking place on Tuesday of this week.

The present space during the 1950's

The completed window


  1. It is amazing!!!!
    Great window!!!!

    I love what you do!!


  2. Chris, Great display. I love the avalanche of letters! Whimsical and eye-catching!

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