Saturday, July 24, 2010

Denholms Directory

When the Denholm building was being renovated in 1985 (into offices). I was able to go in and take whatever memorabilia I wanted.  There was not too much there, as the building had been stripped in preparation for the massive remodel that was taking place.  I was able to get the old directory from the third floor bank of elevators.  Below is how the store was layed out and the various departments within it.


  1. WOW! Corsets, yarn, mattresses! Denholm's had everything. How dear this directory is. Thank you for posting it. Poise and Ivy Shop. How cute!

  2. A wonderful treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I had these for the Boston stores of old....they would be SO Handy!!!!

    Great find!!!
    Neat as always!!!!!


  3. I wonder whatever became of the big, blue "Denholm" signs that stood over their Main Street and High Street entrances. I LOVED those signs. The lettering was so "Mad Men!" (Pegggy Olsen would have been a Denholn's shopper!)

  4. I have been looking for those signs for the past 20 years. Unfortunately I think they are in a dump somewhere. I did have the signs recreated and have them in my basement.

    Every time I watch Mad Men, I think of Denholms and my grandmother. The sixties was grand for the store and it was going through a lot of cosmetic upgrades, i.e. the escalators, boutique shopping, the first floor renovation etc...I would hope Joan would shop there as well!

  5. Question: On the directory I see references to "Chatham 1, Chatham 2, etc." - but I don't recall ever seeing an actual store entrance on Chatham Street.

    I remember the vacant lot on the corner of Main & Chatham Streets. Was the building that once stood there part of Denholm's? If so, are there any photos of the building?

    PS - I think you're right: Joan is a Denholm's gal!

  6. Mr. Chris you are something else. Give me a call for some exciting news. Jessen called your house with no luck.

  7. I want to speak with you! I met with Jessen and want to go over specifics that you can answer.

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