Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Fashion Shows at Denholms

Fashion shows have always been an integral part of the retail industry.  My grandmother executed  many of them with her years at Denholms.  Some were hosted in store while others were hosted at various charity and local establishments.  Back then a fashion show was a great way to showcase the new arrivals for that given season.  Today you dont see as many in store shows as in previous years....mostly due to the rising costs of models and staging.  Some of the productions were low cost "informal modeling" which a model would walk about the store and educate the customers on a new trend, color or designer.  Some of them were on a larger scale and held on the third floor in the dress boutique.  Here are some images from the 60's and 70's.  The fashions are dated, but lovely at the same time.

bridal show from March 1967
Evening show October 1967

Top September 1967
Bottom October 1968
May 1963 ( my mother on the right)
My Grandmother commentating during a show

October 1968


  1. So Neat!!!!
    I just love these interior shots!!!
    And seeing your grandmother at work is wonderful....a true treasure!!
    Just perfect!!!
    Wish that someone could locate a photo of my nana working in JM in Boston way back when:-)
    Thanks for sharing your memories with us all!!!!
    keep it up!!


  2. The quality of these photographs is amazing! And it speaks to this wonderful store that has lived up to the stories I've heard about it! Love them and the one of grandmother is terrific. Shows her chicness to a T.

  3. Chris, What a wonderful collection of photos. Really nice that you have pictures of your mom and grandmother to share, too. Very chic! David