Sunday, January 9, 2011

Searching For Denholms

I am reaching out to all of you for any imagery that you might have of Denholms.  I am looking for both exterior and interior shots.  As well, I am wondering if anyone knows of any surviving store memorabilia that might still be floating around?  I.E, signage, photographs, fixtures, mannequins...
Please contact me at if you know of anything that you would like to sell, or the whereabouts of anything related to Denholms.
Thank you!


  1. Hi there - I just came across your blog and absolutely love this! I am a relative "newbie" to Worcester (moved here in 2009) and have done business with many of the non-profits within the Denholm building. Everytime, I've wondered about the beautiful window displays. The various photos and descriptions about the history have really intrigued me. I think it's so fantastic what you've done for the city of Worcester in memory of the building and in honor of your grandmother! I look forward to seeing more updates!

  2. Promise to keep my eyes open for any "Denholm's"
    goodies for you!!!!!

    Take care....Charles:-)