Thursday, February 23, 2012

A song about Denholms

Here is a wonderful rendition of Alexander's Ragtime Band that has been reinterpreted by Steve  Eide the Senior Research Associate for the Research Bureau in Worcester.  I love how he captured the history and memories of Denholms into this song.
Have a look, and sing along!

My Denholm’s Sugar Baby
(Tune: “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”)
[Horn intro]

Come on along,
You boys and girls,
And let me tell you ‘bout that place
That shiny place!
Them starry lights!
Ya’ll see them lights from outer space!

And when that Christmas tree be shinin’ and them elevators hummin’
- Folks so happy that the holidays are comin’ -
You know Santa’s lap is so invitin’…for…sugar babies!

Who’s gonna be?
Who’s gonna be?
My Denholm’s Sugar Baby!
Who’s comin’ home?
Who’s comin’ home?
The only home I know is Denholms!

And if you need some drapes or shoes or corsets,
Of course it’s… all at Denholms
‘Cause you’re my own
My one and own-ly
Denholm’s Sugar Baby

But then one day
But then one day
My sugar baby went away
Away from Worcester
Away from Worcester
Even though I barely kissed her

No more nylons, pearls, or notions, no more storewide promotions
- Santa’s lap has gone from warm to cold -
I don’t know where I’m gon’ buy my tie...Only Lord knows!

But come someday,
I know someday,
Them Christmas lights gon’ shine again
To light up downtown
Wipe off the sad frown
And I’ll find my Sugar Babe

And once again we’ll see the girls and all the mannequins be panickin’
- All so jealous because you look so fine -
We’ll watch those starry times return-to Denholms!
[Horn takes us on home]

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