Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Denholms light fixture

Recently I was so lucky to obtain the last original light fixture from The Denholm building.  The condo association there was so gracious to let me have it.  I had been searching for one of these for the past 25 years and could not believe it when I saw one hanging in the basement.  I took it to a local restorer and had the lamp completely re-wired and cleaned up.  I love the lighting that it gives off in the room.

Does anyone remember this fixture?


  1. Wish I could say I recall the light fixtures, but when I was shopping there, back in the great day's of Worcester..the only thing on my mind were the Go-Go-Girl white boots I bought at Denholms..Then I waited for the number 30 bus in front of city hall to take me back home..
    I would go back in time, no questioned asked..

  2. Hi Shirley, thanks for the comment. I would be right there with you to go back in time!!!

  3. Chris, I want one!!!! Love it!!


  4. Chris: I don't remember it but thanks for the photos! Your talents are visible in your home! Kathy