Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Denholms windows

Denholms book window 484 vestibule
This week I took vacation and worked at the Denholm building to refresh the window displays.  It was a lot of work but I was happy with the outcome.  It is hard to do windows when you are working with various non-profit organizations as most of their collateral consists mostly of posters and print work.  Because the windows are so large I decided to do a large sculpture that floats through all three of the main windows like a ribbon of flowers to help fill some of the negative space.  The building is celebrating 130 years since it was built so I decided to take the sculpture idea (which consists of tissue paper) and work it throughout the building to create continuity. I hope that you all like!
Dress for Success
Worcester computer center

Worcester Community Action Council & Denholms Coffee shop 


  1. I love it! It's so eye-catching, fashionable, and yet still functional with the info. Hope to be able to actually see it up close and personal soon. Haven't been back to Worcester in years. Just bought the new Filene's history book and there was quite a bit about Filene's in Worcester in it. Fascinating! Well done, Chris.

  2. Chris, They Look Fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great work!!!!


  3. Thank you both so much for commenting! I just read the Filene's book as well. I am looking forward to Michael's lecture at the Boston Public library.
    Thanks again Charles and Emily!

  4. Just noticed this this morning, and I thought it was really nice.

  5. This is FANTASTIC! The first photo just about took my breath away and the rest of the photos did just that! I wish I had known perhaps I could have helped you. That building is SO lucky to have you along with all of the rest of us who have such fond memories of Denholm & McKay, The Boston Store.